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but not for Maximilian II and Queen Maria Theresa, who decided to commission a state orchestra for the new festival. The high quality instruments were produced by the new manufacturing industry, and only small numbers of instruments were available for loan from the court (instrument maker Matteo Goffriller’s workshop was one of them). Despite some hesitations, the young Prince of the new musical era, Leopold II, gave his support to the new project. He believed that Austria was still an important European power, and that the country needed to improve its image abroad. The Dauphin was also a patron of the project, which was the first step to improve the reputation of the Austrians and their state. The Regent Archduke Ferdinand II of Austria-Este in the centre with the orchestra in the Hofburg the Vienna was an important moment for the music of the future. During the performance, the Prince and Archduke, who were both very fond of music, sat in the front row and listened to the groups. The occasion was a great success, and the music was not only applauded but was also a much more sophisticated and educated form of music than was common in Europe at the time. The premiere was a success and the public was pleased by the musicians’ warm style and their good behavior. In 1804 the orchestra was renamed the Hofkapelle. More popular musical activities The next year the Habsburgs inaugurated the Vienna Opera, which was the world’s first permanent opera house. The general public reacted positively to the spectacle, but only the wealthy were able to afford opera tickets. That was a drawback, but the audience was more knowledgeable about music and more tolerant and understanding than before. Music was no longer merely a recreation for the elite, but a way of expressing oneself and the Austrian nobility found that this new artistic form was a way of showing their importance and they were not just interested in opera, but also on symphony, oratorio, and chamber music. They created many concerts and music series in the palace, and particularly in the Volksgarten. The New music. At the Hofburg the Vienna, Maximilian II decided to bring the concert to a higher level. The standardization of the instruments was very strict. The cantor and the others were




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Celemony Melodyne Essential Serial Number

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